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WaterDrop Shop is a company striving to provide the necessary funds to help build clean water wells in the Turkana District of Kenya, Africa. The idea for WaterDrop Shop was sparked when Founder, Josh Weingart, spent two months in Turkana with a drilling crew, digging wells for clean water. Josh saw the great need in this area for clean water and has been inspired ever since. When Josh returned to the U.S. he knew there was something he had to do to help to realize his idea. Then he immediately remembered the sandals Kenyans wore that were made out of used tires.

After a few years of developing a relationship with a Kenyan manufacturer WaterDrop Shop was born & came into existence. The manufacturer pays worker an above average wage for Kenya thus helping promote fair trade practices. The sandals are then crafted from used tires and other sustainable used products like recycled leather jackets and naturally grown hemp.

Then these sandals are sold online on waterdropshop which gives 10% of every sale, not just the profits but sale, to Clean Water Projects in Kenya. It is a circle of giving back which is the unique about this venture and something they are proud of.

“We are unique in the way that we take giving back to a whole new level. We try our best to look at every process for each of our products and see how we can help others.” Josh adds.

The venture is backed by full time College Students. All have different backgrounds which creates a unique dynamic. The current team is full of creativity and passion. Read more about each member at http://www.thewaterdropshop.com/The_Team .

In the near future, they plan on moving into some retail stores as they grow. They intend on using retail as a way to promote and generate more sales which will enable a steady stream of income for those in Kenya to help hire more workers. They also plan to bring more unique products to their lineup of sustainable goods with a purpose.

They further plan on continuing to partner with local artisans to build a good relationship and hope to transform communities through employing locals and donating back to clean water projects worldwide. All revenues and profit currently generated is going back into the business to grow inventory as well as marketing to gain more awareness about WaterDrop Shop.

WaterDrop Shop is currently running for Coolest College Start-up by Inc Magazine. They feel blessed to have this honor and even more to help raise awareness about the Global Clean Water Crisis.

Vote for this Social Startup that wants to build clean water wells and raise awareness about clean water crisis by selling recycled products.


Best wishes to WaterDrop Shop for the future from Geekopedia.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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