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Your Business needs to have presence where your customers are! If you are among those business owners who still dream of owning an online store, well, dream no more. Introducing Zepo, this fairly new e-commerce start-up based out of Mumbai has been helping small businesses and entrepreneurs open their own online stores, as smoothly as possible. Since the time this portal was launched in June 2011, they have been growing steadily and now have more than 200+ storeowners on board.

Backed by The Morpheus and One97 Mobility fund, Zepo was started in 2011 by Nitin Purswani. Before Zepo, Nitin tried his hand at 2 different start-ups, including a t-shirt manufacturing firm and a web-startup called Bijness.in. Zepo is his third attempt at entrepreneurship.

We got in conversation with the Zepo team, and this is what they had to say:

G (Geekopedia): Why Zepo?

Z (Zepo): The core behind the existence of Zepo is to help small businesses in their e-commerce activities. We help business owners set up their online shop so that they can leverage the power of the Internet & e-commerce to take their brand, and therefore, sales and profits to the next level. Before Zepo, we were a small t-shirt manufacturing firm. We know this from our own experience of facing the harassment at the hands of web-developers, designers, and payment gateways providers :)

G: What’s Team Zepo like?

Z: As for our team, we have been very lucky to have a great team onboard – wonderful people kept joining us on our Journey, and today, we have a kick-ass team of 12 rockstars, that drive the company everyday. The mentors & investors have been equally supportive.

G: How do business owners know about you?

Z: As a small startup, we completely depend upon our users for helping us spread the word. We do not have loads of VC cash to burn on ads & customer acquisitions. Our strategy is simple – build something remarkable that’s worth being talked about. And yes, our success also depends upon you – the bloggers community. :-)


G: How do you compete with international players like Shopify, who are already a very big name in the industry?

Z: Our focus is on this BIG niche ignored by the biggies – India. We aim to give this niche, a more specialized and effective solution than Shopify’s generic one. A more Indianized ecommerce platform by altering the entire solution for the Indian market – integrated logistics solutions, integrated Indian payment gateways, pricing for the worth- conscious Indian. And it’s more than just integrating a payment gateway and partnering with a logistics firm. Every little thing we do – right from creating designs, stores, dashboard, providing service – we do it keeping in mind the average Indian internet user.

In other words, we gave up the breadth of the market in order to make our offering more compelling for India. Shopify would have trouble following us down that path, as that would mean forking their codebase and attention.

G: Lastly, How does the future look like for Zepo?

Z: All our plans – the short, the medium and the long term plans are towards solving one sole objective – simplify e-commerce for small businesses in India. And the real game will begin when we’ll have 10,000 small Indian enterprises carrying out their online businesses actively using Zepo.

To be more specific, the initiatives planned in coming 2-3 years are:
– Making the Zepo platform even better and more flexible
– Launch the app marketplace to allow app developers to offer their product to store owners
– Launch the Theme marketplace to allow the designer community to serve the store owners
– Solving the next big problem for store owners – helping them get business to their online stores

Zepo has more than 200 store owners as of now. Would you like to setup your online store? Give Zepo a try and let us know

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia


Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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