Changing Technology and Human Interaction in Education, Do They Go Hand In Hand!

Technology has become a very important part of the current education system globally, at both school and college levels. You cannot ignore the role of advancing techniques in imparting education, and neither can forget how important our teachers are in educating the students. The article tries to explore the importance of technology as well as teachers in our education system.


The belief of the teachers that the regular use of digital technology can hamper the attention spans and their ability to face challenges is not untrue. Certainly technology has revolutionized everything, be it education, employment or any other aspect of life. The young gen teachers and students are certainly very fond of the emerging technologies and their usage in imparting and grasping knowledge. The days are gone when we thought of a classroom and blackboards and chalks, class works and heavy lectures would come to our minds. The things are changing rapidly, and classroom education isn’t different.

The schools or colleges are infusing modernity in their education systems, just wait for a few years and you will see how far the modern education system has come along!

Hits and misses

Swanky laptops, educational DVDs, CDs, and e-learning mode have become the most preferred part of everyday education. These days, millions of school and university students across the globe are using such devices to visualize the complicated concepts, revisit lecture rooms on their preferred time and even augment lessons by making use of interactive videos, widgets and animations. However, a number of school and their teachers do not swear by the use of excessive technology in the day-to-day lives of the students, and they do not encourage use of artificial intelligence as a mode of learning.

Technology cannot replace teachers

Technology is not a magical bullet. You can handover a super smart iPad or laptop to a student but the opportunity, which a 2classroom education, imparted by a teacher provides, cannot be replaced with such gadgets. Talking about the second world countries like India, you cannot even imagine that in the rural places you can impart education in such a techno freak surroundings. Despite having an all-technology-all-the-time classroom, the teachers need to perfectly blend classroom training with technology. Project-based learning activities are the key to impart good education and it has no shortcuts. Technology can certainly help in managing tasks, but it can never replace the importance of teachers.

How teachers can help themselves!

The teachers, tutors or anything you say are an indispensible part of today’s education and before educating their students, they need to get well versed with technology first, and get used to it. The teachers are advised to get involved with the latest technologies and then share the experience as well as offerings of the technology with the students. By doing this, the process of educating students with the help of technology would be much easier to implement in the classroom.

Virtual classrooms are the future of the modern education system. So it is required that the best teachers in their domains take over the variety of subjects and make use of advancing technology to educate the pupils.

Technologies used in imparting education

Countless educators using technology more creatively and with admirable conviction. Some of these technologies are:

1. Cloud Computing

2. Mobile Learning

3. Tablet Computing

4. MOOCs

5. Open Content3

6. Learning Analytics

7. Games and Gamification

8. 3D Printing

9. Virtual and Remote Laboratories

10. Wearable Technology

Learning is a completely personalized process and this is a widely accepted fact! There are varieties of ways through which such technologies can be implemented to cater for the niche by packaging knowledge in a variety of ways. The students can make use of gamification to learn the things, or even watch Youtube tutorials of specific curriculum themes, to complete the tasks through a personalized online dashboard. Each time a student joins any of these virtual classroom courses, s/he also joins an online community of a number of participants having diverse experience which can help him/her to facilitate further learning.

Digital interaction is truly reinvigorating the way in which we learn. But experts are also not wrong when they suggest that the new technology tools should only be used as tools and not replace the human intervention in it. Education is always human centric, so technology must not be allowed to overpower the importance of classroom learning with other students and teachers. The foundation of education should always serve as a tool for a better education. Healthy classroom discussions and collaborative learning environment can never be replaced by any technology.

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Rashmi Karan

Rashmi Karan

Professional Writer at
A professional writer, Rashmi Karan writes for the leading education portals like for the higher education aspirants. Contact her to seek suggestions about higher education.
Rashmi Karan

Rashmi Karan

A professional writer, Rashmi Karan writes for the leading education portals like for the higher education aspirants. Contact her to seek suggestions about higher education.

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