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Dropmysite, the simple and elegant website/database backup solution in the cloud, has released major improvements to its functions and looks. Users of the service will now be able to keep their data safer at a cheaper rate and find it easier to manage.

In recent months, major reseller and partnership deals were signed with GMO Cloud and Xpress Hosting to bring backup services into Japan and Latin America respectively. These partners have requested to resell these website backup services to their expansive client lists and hence needing to upgrade Dropmysite match the demand.

“We expect to backup half a million websites with GMO Cloud and Xpress Hosting over the next 12 months. These deals will make us a profitable company,” says John Fearon, Founder and CEO of Dropmysite.

With an estimated 6,000 websites hacked and blacklisted daily and 63% of website owners being unaware of being compromised2, Dropmysite has gained plaudits the world over for solving a great need in backing up websites. Since launching in August 2011, Dropmysite serves as an insurance against rampant hacking, frequent server failures and sudden website crashing for 45,000 users.

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Minor additions have been added along the way which have created quite a buzz in the webmaster and developer communities. As each update is added, the service started to see more signups. With this major revamp of significant improvements to the Dropmysite, there will be an anticpated surge of interest.

1st, incremental backups – were implemented to allow more data to be backed up faster with less storage. Previously, the service was slow in making archival copies by backing up the entire website and database.

2nd, public key authentication – with this addition, Dropmysite is now much more secure for users. This is on top of using military grade encryptions and ciphers to retrieve the information. This ensures websites’ constant protection while it is backed up.

3rd, full directory browser for advanced searches – Users may now be able to search and find specific files throughout the entire database. They can then make changes or retrieve it as they wish.

4th, on-demand immediate backups and restorations – This improvement will make users’ lives easier with no delays or limits to the frequency in backups and restorations. Like a time machine, it allows users to retrieve backups like snapshots into the past.

5th, PostgreSQL support – Dropmysite is now available to the most advanced open source database.

6th, improved user experience and user interface – the service no longer looks like a basic MVP and is now sleeky to look at while offering a smoother backup journey for users.

Using Dropmysite together with Dropmyemail, personal email backup and business email backup solution, users will be able to safeguard their presence in the cloud. The sky is the limit for the company as there is yet to be a worthwhile substitute for the service to over 40 billion websites and 4 billion emaill addresses on the Internet.

“Besides the current deals in Japan and Mexico, there are many more negotiations in progress for the US, India and Singapore. Backing up the Internet is big business,” says Fearon.

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Visit the websites. http://www.Dropmysite.com and http://www.Dropmyemail.com

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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