Dropmysite’s Email Business Intelligence tool to target billion dollar market

Besides just backing up a quarter billion emails daily, Dropmysite is now able to interpret them with “Email Insights”. Users and corporations can now make sense of their big data to improve decision making.

Backup and analyze your business emails

Exclusively for Dropmyemail Business, this tool will allow for administrators to analyze all employees’ email usage. This allows for managers to track all official communications going in and out of the company to ensure complete transparency.

“Our new business intelligence tools will provide a new value-added service that will considerably improve corporations, ” says John Fearon, CEO and Founder of Dropmysite.

“We expect this to eventually be a billion dollar opportunity that will interest top Fortune 500 companies in all industries.”

This unprecendented and free tool also shows the data graphically for easy comprehension(do see screen shot attached below). This will be particularly interesting for entities that value data privacy like financial instituitions, government agencies and educational organizations.

Email Insights Screenshot

Right now, “Email Insights”, will allow managers to track the communications to do the following:

  • Identify all employees’ contacts (i.e. preventing losing sales leads during a server crash or personnel resignation)
  • Point out corporate communications to personal emails (i.e. spotting misuse of time for personal purposes or data leakage)
  • Assess email effectiveness (i.e. amount of email sent / received versus performance)
  • Filter through the communications to find specific conversations

 “SMEs and MNCs alike will now have the ability to quickly sort through their email usage and act swiftly to address issues that would have been previously undetected,” says Fearon.

This tool is just the tip of the iceberg of business intelligence that Dropmysite will provide. In the pipeline is the development of algorithms that will sort through emails to be able to predict fraud, data leakage, employees quitting, employee dissatisfaction, unauthorized access and much more.

Check out  Email Insights Video


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Peter Yu
Public Relations Consultant and Guerilla Marketing Entrepreneur, Dropmysite, The iLLers Inc.
Peter Yu

Peter Yu

Public Relations Consultant and Guerilla Marketing Entrepreneur, Dropmysite, The iLLers Inc.

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