Love privacy on social app; then n-gage is the answer

In the last couple of years, there has been a revolution in the way people have started using social media to keep them updated with the world and also update the world about their own self. Instagram, twitter, WhatsApp has brought a paradigm shift to the way people communicate today.

Every innovation comes with its pros and cons, and one obvious threat with the growing online chat applications is user security. n-gage preempted the issue and had built a plethora of security features for users in its chat app. n-gage, the new 360 degree lifestyle chat-app has made user security as their priority. It has features that are focused on privacy aspects to give their users an experience that is safe and secure. It is focusing on the most common privacy issues.n-gage has gone a step further in protecting users’ privacy with some very exclusive and industry first security features some of which are:


Scramble makes your chats and images (media) files illegible or in a pixelated or jumbled format to the receiver of the message.

Extract features is not less than a magic tool, which can erase message or entire chat, without physically accessing the device of the other person through your own device.

Stop Screenshot feature disallows other users to download your picture or copy any conversation. This is again an industry first feature by the chat app and very useful feature for user safety, especially if you are chatting with a stranger or recent acquaintance.

In Private Vault you can store images or videos, which you want to hide from others and it is password protected.

Safe chat is the feature that enables users to send and receive 1-on-1 password protected messages. This feature comes in very handy if you are in public or a part of joint family, where everyone is snooping on your mobile.

With Stealth Mode you can keep yourself invisible on n-gage. When you are in stealth mode, you do not appear in their contact list on n-gage.

With Blink you can set a timer to your message and message or picture will  self-destruct after your set time duration lapses.

Burn feature enables you to erase all the data from your mobile from any remote location, just in case you have lost your mobile.

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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