Neuros, the medical social network, comes out of Beta

Neuros Launch

The social network for medical students & doctors, has grown and matured. Neuros, launched early last year, was running on BETA mode until last week when it officially launched its improved version. The bootstrapped startup with the mantra “a social network, even your parents would approve” has received good media attention, with articles in startup blogs, magazines and an article in a middle eastern newspaper since then.

The new improved design reflects the professionalism put into the website, making it the first such professional network launched from India.

“Most of our parents crib about us wasting time on social networks, well the idea behind neuros is to create a social network which even our parents would approve of” said Dr. Waiz Wasey (founder) in the introductory speech at the launch.

In this launch, Neuros showcases the enhancements and features in four major areas. It now has

  • A New and improved navigation
  • Better profiles with interactive scoring (depending on contributions)
  • MCQ features
  • Private messaging

Some other unique features Neuros provides are:

  • Online Solved Question banks of medical course for students
  • MCQ questions of competitive exams
  • Clinical pictures from around the world
  • Private chat / chatroom for different subjects
  • Illustrated study aids, charts, flashcards etc


The founders say that this is just 20% of the whole vision they have of turning this social network into something unique, so there is still loads more to come.

Read the complete story about Neuros.

Visit the new & improved Neuros website

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Curated Content from the Editorial Team of Geekopedia

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