How Small Business Can Provide Awesome Customer Support

Customer support system,that also a stellar one, is the lifeblood of any small scale business organisation. It helps to fetch positive feedback from the customers. Its outcome being customer retention and recommendations by the customers thus multiplying the profits.

Be determined and start working towards an extravagant customer support system and you are all set to reach high goals. Always remember the tactics, ” Put your customer’s need at the heart of your undertakings ”. Following are few thumbnails that would help you achieve happy-happy customers.

  • Right people at the right job – A good customer service can be administered only if the best flea of employees are hired.  So, hire carefully and tactfully. The ‘right attitude counts. People possessing right attitude can be trained in the best way to deliver the best services.
  • Employee satisfaction- Remember “Charity begins at home”. Unless and until you have satisfied employees you can never ever dream of attaining satisfied customers.Employees should know one’s business. This calls up for beyond comparison training and mentoring. This should be backed with regular appraisal and rewards.
  • Listening pays off – ‘Patience’ is the key-word. Listen to the grievance of your customers. This will help you in appropriately identify their needs. Unless and until their problem is clear, it is difficult/ almost impossible to arrive at appropriate solution. At times they may be loud, don’t be disheartened. Continue To listen with a smile on face, backed with patience,and you will definitely fetch their confidence back. Remember, “Customers buy good feelings and services, not the product”.
  • Knowing ins and outs of the product – A chock-full perception about your product can be a game changer. Unless and until you are confident about the product you cannot provide the best assistance.Awareness of the most common questions regarding the product and bang on answers helps to master your pursuit.
  • Vouchsafe friendly and respectful approach- Remember ‘Smile always provides unparalleled kick-start to customer service’. Whether an one-to- one conversation or a telephonic one a friendly approach always makes a difference.Remember ‘Gratitude is memorable’. Courteous and respectful approach is always sought by customers. A simple thanks after every transaction can make the difference. This will make customers feel important.
  • Responsive course of action- Being responsive is the best service you can provide to any customer seeking help. Respond quickly. Try to pop up with the answers to customer’s questions instantly. If at a go you are not able to help, convince them, that you are looking into the problem and they will be soon contacting them with the appropriate solution.
  • Hiring technology at its best – A good customer support system can be maintained only when you have the best equipments and systems. Up-to-date equipments most corresponding our business exigencies to be procured.
  • Flexibility to suit customer needs- Customers are divergent and so are their needs. The customer support reps should be given the power to make few changes in the product norms to make it feasible for customers. For instance, discounts given to be altered,etc.
  • Value complaints- Learn to apologise. Though no one likes criticism, it often serves as an opportunity to improve. The customer might not always be right, but remember, he/she always likes to win. Make complaining easier and always take it as a challenge.
  • Rendering services above expectation- in this competitive world, one needs to be a preferred choice above competitors. Try to give more than your customer’s expect. Think of new grounds about how your customers can be benefited. Think what you can provide them that others don’t provide. Provide discounts, after sales services,etc.
  • Catechize feedback and take advantage of it –  Customer’s reviews can help you manage your business efficiently. Suggestions and feedback from the customers can help you catch hold of your loopholes and give room to improvements. First-hand feedback/ customer survey/ feedback forms/ questionnaires can be of utmost importance.
  • Market philosophy –  A study of the present economy should be done.Communication with the customers should be done at regular intervals to understand their changing needs. Competitor’s tract should be maintained to give them cut-throat competition.

Delivering a WOW experience can be done by proper amalgamation of empathy and understanding of the issues faced by the customer. One needs to identify it and resolve it with skill, learning from his/her experience. Keeping the above few pointers in mind you can definitely be in the position to earn a goodie-goodie badge regarding customer service. So, get set go, serve to your best and enjoy your work!

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Mehul Shah

Digital Marketing Manager at CallHippo
Mehul is working as Digital Marketing Manager at CallHippo, He loves to share his knowledge about VoIP based Virtual Phone Systems. He has reviewed software in categories including Small business, startups, and cloud telelphony.

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Mehul Shah

Mehul is working as Digital Marketing Manager at CallHippo, He loves to share his knowledge about VoIP based Virtual Phone Systems. He has reviewed software in categories including Small business, startups, and cloud telelphony.

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