Travel Apps that You Will Need Irrespective of your Destination

Android may have made people’s lives easier with apps for everything, but it has also bombarded us with too many options for each action. It becomes difficult to choose the right one that will actually work well for you. You have to see if the pricing suits you, if there is one, the functionality of the app, and how much data package it’s going to use as the internet rates are higher when you are roaming. All these factors combine to form the decision about whether the app is good for the user or not.

Traveling to another country is already daunting for some people and add to that fact that you are using apps that you have never opened before. Social media apps are something you use every day and nearly all social media networks are active in all countries. Yet, newly installed apps create an immense confusion among the tourists. One solution can be that apps are tested by the users ahead of their trip and have a test drive so that they can be familiar with the functions. However, another solution is to trust the same apps that have been in your phone for a while and you use them for daily tasks. Following are the familiar apps that you can use for your trip abroad:

Google Translate:

The Google translator is a useful tool that can translate every widely spoken language into the language of your preference. Not only that, but you can also use it to learn any new language and important words that you may encounter on signboards before you take the trip. All you need to do is point your camera to the written letters/words and it will detect the writing and translate it for you. This goes for any one-word signs or for every menu item that you may come face to face with. The app is essential for anyone who is traveling to a country with a complex language or the locals do not understand English at all.


The main consumer market for this application is the taxi drivers who use it to keep track of the traffic. However, it is not limited to being used by them. Since driverless vehicles are still a few years away, until then, you will still experience traffic jams.  You can use Waze on your travels to keep track of the situation in the area you are visiting, especially if you are driving a rental car of your own. Due to its high consumerism, the data that it provides for traffic update is accurate. One special feature about this app is that it also allows users to update anything such as a road blockage or an accident in an area. The app is very much like Google in its functions as it had been bought by the company a few years ago, but its option to let the users update anything has made it a preferable option.

App in the Air:

App in the air is especially for those people who have more than one location to go to or have connecting flights or travel often. It informs the user about the flight delays by keeping track of airports. It can even keep you updated about the status of a flight despite you being offline, this way you can even save money on your internet packages. It also lets the user be more planned by breaking down their trip into 4 steps; check-in, boarding, takeoff and landing time. This facility will let the people be more organized and can help them be on schedule.


Weather may not seem such a hindrance when you are planning your trip and on any normal summer day, the worst that can happen is that temperature is really high. But it is better to be prepared for anything that the weather might throw at you by keeping an eye on the weather conditions of the country you are going to. Accuweather can work in multiple languages while providing updates of minute by minute precipitation levels or the weather forecast for the next 7 days.

Currency Converter Plus:

If you plan on going on a shopping spree in the country you are visiting then you will need this app more than any other apps. This app hosts 191 currencies and has the ability to regularly monitor and update conversion rates. The app also works offline so if you do not have instant access to the internet, it will still provide you with the day’s rates accurately. Here again you can take advantage of this service and save money on mobile data. It also has the option to convert currency into gold, silver and platinum, if you want to shop for jewelry.

All these above mentioned apps are compatible with iOS and Android, hence available in iTunes and Play Store. These apps not only will save you the hassle of downloading new apps for your travels but are also usable when you are in your own hometown. They all are easy to use and are developed and owned by trusted companies which means you don’t even run the risk of your phone and private information being hacked. So all you need to do is chose a destination to pack for and let the apps make your experience better.

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Ronald Mccarthy

Ronald Mccarthy has been known to write regularly on the top trends in Finance and Marketing and takes particular interest in the Finance industry. His pieces are well-researched giving the reader a quick and comprehensive Knowledge.

Ronald Mccarthy

Ronald Mccarthy has been known to write regularly on the top trends in Finance and Marketing and takes particular interest in the Finance industry. His pieces are well-researched giving the reader a quick and comprehensive Knowledge.

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