Why Businesses Need To Have Their Own Official Mobile App?

AppAs the market becomes saturated, it becomes harder for many businesses to take the lead in their own industries. The only way to keep them on top of the game is to innovate their marketing strategies. Zahid Jiwa wrote on Techradar that “if you don’t innovate, your business won’t survive.” One of the most common innovative strategies today is the creation of business application, which is a direct way to connect with customers and clients with the continuous consumption of mobile content.

In this post, we want to provide you the importance of having an official mobile application for your business and some tips that will help you in making it more effective.

Benefits of owning one

There are various advantages brought by this innovative marketing strategy for a business. To make it all clear to you, here are some of the benefits of creating an official business application.

  1. Market visibility

According to a study featured by the GeekWire, mobile users in the US spend 162 minutes daily using their smartphone and tablets, where 86% said they consume apps most of the time. If you are aiming to target these markets, then owning an application for your business will mean more sales for you.

  1. Strengthening brand recognition

Apart from market visibility, brand recognition will also be apparent. It will work as a blank billboard sign where consumers and clients will be able to know that your company is actively doing something to innovate and assist them. This will be more essential if your app is engaging and fun to use, as it will stick to them easily.

  1. Lead the competition

Although many businesses have ventured into their own application, it will still create a lasting impression if your company is competitive enough to provide innovative solutions to your customers. It will still make you on top of your competitors if you continually make your app engaging, popular, and informative.

Successful app development tips

In order to make your business app effective and successful, it will be necessary to consider various guidelines to help you. Although there’s always an option to partner with top mobile app companies, such as the case with Times Internet and Amazone Appstore partnership, these tips we’ll highly provide assistance to those on a strict budget.

  1. Perform a detailed A-B Testing

Remember that user experience is your top most concern in this new venture. You have to ensure that your application is flawless (or with manageable flaws) before launching it on the market. Some of the common problems which you have to face in building an application is slow loading time and bug problems. To guarantee the success of your application, you will have to do a detailed A-B Testing of the beta version and fix all the issues before completely releasing it in the stores.

  1. Run it across all platforms

To ensure that your application works properly, it will be essential to install and run it across all platforms that you are targeting. There are some apps that are primarily for smartphones, while others are best using tablets. These devices alone come in various sizes, features, and functionalities. There are already 14 top tablets on the market, as presented by O2, and it comes in various operating systems (iOS and Android) as well as sizes ranging from 7- to 10-inch. Smartphones also have a different sizes, as it can be as small as 4-inch to a large 6-inch with more mobile functionalities to consider. These will later on assist you in ensuring that your app is responsive across the platforms you opt to target.

  1. Address the needs of your target market

The initial reason as to why people download apps is the fact that it addresses their problems and assisted them in processing requests conveniently and immediately. Thus, it is essential to make your app informative and engaging to ensure that many customers will be interested to install and follow it. If it’s necessary to do a survey before creating an app, then go ahead and gather as much information to build the best compelling app.

At the end of it all, it is highly essential to review first whether your business is highly in need of a mobile application and if your firm is ready to take the challenges, especially the cost of owning and maintaining an app. We hope this discussion has assisted you in your next marketing venture. What other tips can you provide those businesses who are making their first official application?

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