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Wondering, what is Geekopedia all about?

Geekopedia is an Online Publishing House and a prominent name when it comes to startup ecosystems. We review startups primarily and cover everything that matters. We also publish a wide variety of articles related to Entrepreneurship, Management and Technology.

Geekopedia as a web 2.0 platform focusses to strengthen the growing Startup ecosystem in India. We thrive to make Geekopedia an online knowledge portal which can help entrepreneurs grow their ventures through articles and publications here.

Do we accept guest posts?

Yes, of course we do! However, we are looking for well-researched, original content that fits into our website interest.

What kind of content do we publish?

If it fits in the overall theme of “Startups, Management, Entrepreneurship, Technology”, it’s good for us.

Visit our Guest Posts Page for more info. A few sample posts are mentioned below

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8 Main Reasons Why Startups Fail (link) | Category: Entrepreneurship

Do I need to quit my job to be an entrepreneur? (link) | Category: Entrepreneurship

7 Branding Lessons From David Ogilvy (link) | Category: Management

Does your Pursuit for Perfection has any end? Think Again (link) | Category: Management

Indian Mobile Phone 2013 Trends – A 91mobiles Research (link) | Category: Technology

Debunking Pros & Cons Of Top 4 Enterprise Mobile Apps (link) | Category: Technology

Do we give topics to write on?

Well Yes and No.

No, because you are free to write on whatever you think will make for a good and engaging story, as long it’s in the categories mentioned above.

and Yes, because sometimes we need some specific stories. If you are interested, only then we would give you a topic to write on.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t write well, You can still contribute!

We are looking for people who can be the eyes and ears of the Startup Ecosystem. People who strive to be (Startup) Journalists one day and can report a story when it happens, where it happens. We would then convert the story into awesome content. If something interesting is happening around you and you think it has the potential to be on Geekopedia, just Tip Us and we’d take it from there – of course with due credits to you.

Does the content have to be original?

100%. We are looking for stories and articles that haven’t been told before.

The only exception we can make is when you collate a lot of different already published content, from various resources to compile a relevant story. For more on this you could just shoot us a mail.

Is there a word limit?

Nope. You’re free to be as concise or as detailed as you’d like, as long as the piece reads well, is comprehensive and yet not verbose. Just make sure the content is free of grammatical errors, typos, external references, if any, are duly credited and the article is supported with sufficient visual media.

Do we pay for the contributions?

No. All contributions are gratis and work on a credit attribution and website linking model. However, if you are a frequent Author/Contributor to Geekopedia, you might just get lucky!

Is there a deadline to write?

No. You can turn in an article as per your convenience and when you have enough material for one.

So, How do you submit your content?

Mail them at geeks@geekopedia.me with “Article Submission” in the subject line, with your contact details and social media profiles. We might take a while to respond since we get a lot of content submission requests but we will definitely get back to you.


Geekopedia Editorial Team